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GIA Retailer Support Program
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Retailer Support Program

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GIA’s Retailer Support Program makes it easy for you and your sales staff to educate customers about the quality of diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls, and the value of a GIA grading report.


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Explore the many point of sale tools and free downloads available. Educational materials such as the 4Cs of diamond quality brochures and counter displays can be ordered and delivered to your store. Signage tools are available that let customers know that you carry diamonds and colored gems with GIA reports. And because diamond education happens online as well as at the counter, the program also provides free videos, images, logo lockups and interactive scales you can download and use on your website or social media pages as well as your advertising.

As creator of the 4Cs of Diamond Quality and the International Diamond Grading System™, a standard everyone can rely on when evaluating diamond quality, GIA provides these resources to ensure that your customers purchase diamonds and gemstones with knowledge and confidence.

No membership or registration is required to use Retailer Support Program materials. We only require that retailers adhere to the Terms of Use and remember that use of these materials and resources does not imply any partnership with GIA.

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GIA Services

Learn how GIA's diverse offerings and services can boost your knowledge and business

Education & Training

For over 80 years, GIA has been making a difference for jewelers and jewelry professionals with its expert training.


GIA has been making a difference for jewelers and jewelry professionals with its expert training and world-class professional credentials in diamonds, colored stones, pearls, jewelry manufacturing arts, and design. Today, GIA continues to help retailers earn customer trust and close more sales. Learn more about the coveted GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG) Diploma, the GIA Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP) Diploma, and GIA's full array of diploma programs, lab classes, and online learning resources designed to keep you and your staff at your professional best.


GIA has worked closely with the laboratory to develop instruments that will prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.


With more than 80 years of uncompromising commitment to quality, GIA has worked closely with its laboratory, educational staff and the jewelry trades to develop instruments that will prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.

Since the first GIA instrument was registered in the early 1930's, we've been building products you can trust, products that put the power of knowledge on your side. They help you buy, grade, and appraise with increased accuracy. And they give you a competitive edge.

Laboratory Services

GIA revolutionized the diamond industry in 1955 with its Diamond Grading Report, which provides comprehensive analysis of quality for diamonds.


Based on the 4Cs of diamond quality and International Diamond Grading System™, both of which GIA created, the grading report provides a comprehensive analysis of quality and authenticity for diamonds in the D-to-Z color range. It contains information on diamond shape and cutting style; measurements and weight; proportions and finish; grades for clarity, color, and cut; and any known treatments. While a number of laboratories issue similar reports, the GIA Diamond Grading Report has earned a preeminent reputation for unrivaled accuracy and integrity when assigning diamond grades.


Gems & Gemology, GIA's award-winning quarterly journal of gemology, publishes the latest peer-reviewed research on diamonds and colored stones.


As the award-winning quarterly journal of GIA, Gems & Gemology publishes the latest peer-reviewed research on diamonds and colored stones — where they are found, their special characteristics, simulants and laboratory-grown gems, treatments and identification techniques.


Clients and Testimonials

How can your business benefit from the Retailer Support Program? Hear from retailers just like you!


Download The GIA 4Cs App
Retailer Edition

To help retailers educate customers and engage them in conversations about the 4Cs of diamond quality, GIA has now created a 4Cs app for iPad and Android devices.

Designed to be used at the point of sale, the app features:

  • Video and content that highlights the different aspects of the 4Cs
  • Interactive tools to educate customers about how GIA grades color, clarity, cut, and carat weight
  • Guidance on using the GIA grading scales, including how grades can affect a diamond's value
  • Information about fluorescence, diamond treatments, and synthetics
  • Direct access to GIA Report Check - GIA's online database of GIA reports, where the contents of a GIA report can be viewed and verified directly from an iPad or Android device

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The GIA 4Cs App -- Retailer Edition is for iPad or Android device. You will need to access email from your device to download the app directly to your device.

A Wi-Fi connection is recommended for the download.

Apple iOS App file is greater than 28 MB and requires an Apple iOS of 4.3 or greater.

Android App file is greater than 36 MB and requires an Android OS of 3.2 or greater