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The GIA 4Cs App -- Retailer Edition is for iPad or Android device. You will need to access email from your device to download the app directly to your device.

A Wi-Fi connection is recommended for the download.

Apple iOS App file is greater than 28 MB and requires an Apple iOS of 4.3 or greater.

Android App file is greater than 36 MB and requires an Android OS of 3.2 or greater

To engage customers in conversations about the 4Cs of diamond quality and to educate them at the same time, GIA has now created a 4Cs app for iPad and Android devices for retailers that want to use the latest technology.

Designed to be used at point of sale, the app features:

  • Video and content that highlights the different aspects of the 4Cs
  • Interactive tools to educate customers about how GIA grades color, clarity, cut, and carat weight
  • Guidance on using the GIA grading scales, including how grades can affect a diamond's value
  • Information about fluorescence, diamond treatments, and synthetics
  • Direct access to GIA Report Check - GIA's online database of GIA reports, where contents of a GIA report can be viewed and verified directly from an iPad or Android device
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